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No One Needs To Know (2014)

by Amanda Grace(Favorite Author)
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0738736252 (ISBN13: 9780738736259)
review 1: I finished this book in one sitting; however, I did have to force myself to read certain parts. I did not think Grace's book was bad; I just had no relatable references except that I have a sibling that is close in age to me (we are not twins, but we are under 2 years apart). Recently, twins seem to be a key focus point in a lot of Young Adult literature. When authors write about twins, I do think it is sometimes and can be a copout mostly because both characters are never fully developed individually. So, unless the author is a twin him or herself then I think it is a difficult challenge to successfully write about twins. Due to this, Liam, I felt was never fully developed. I never got a sense of who he was and that does have a lot to do with that the author decided he sh... moreould not have a point of view when Olivia and Zoey did. He seemed a little too "cool" and a little too "mature," when his sister seemed to come across as several years younger. I did not feel Olivia or Zoey were 17 - soon to be 18. They felt more 15 going on 16 and Liam felt like the cool older brother that already went off to college. Enjoyable parts to me were the friendship between the girls and it developing into love and Zoey's little sister was amazing.
review 2: I went into this knowing it probably wasn't going to be that good and it had some pretty bad reviews and it certainly didn't disappoint in that aspect. Sometimes it can be fun to read a bad book especially when it involves a love triangle in which two of the people are twins. If it sounds ridiculous that's because it is. My main issue with this book is that the characters had absolutely no development and no thought process behind their actions and there was no conflict. One day you can be straight and then gay the next and it's not a big deal at all. You can date the same person as your twin and it'll somehow all work out. I could never recommend this and would hate to have a teen seriously struggling with their own identity pick this up looking for comfort. less
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The main character sounds like an arsehole. No thanks.
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Decent read
Not for me
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