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Take Care (2000)

by Ash Johnson(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: I thought the book was really good. Jay sounds deliciously hot. What I didn't like in the story: the constant reminder that Ada has heterochromea. All the "I looked into her eyes, one blue, one green" I don't need to read that so much. I get it, I remembered she has two different color eyes. Also, the reasoning behind the threat made no sense. I could buy some of it but the rest was just unbelievable.
review 2: This book was sweet and cute and had some hot sex scenes. I enjoyed read it pretty fast. The characters were easy to like and of course the main character gets a big plus for being a fighter! I loved how the girl wasn't annoying that's a big plus for me. I also liked how easy the story flowed. Very well written also. This story is a bit different than o
... morethers, it has sort a twist at the end that is kinda crazy. But all in all I enjoyed myself. less
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4.5I really liked this book it was a great of playful and serious
I loved this good ol love story. Great read
DNF 20%...Just really bad writing.
Fast read and pretty cute!!!
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