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The First Star To Fall (2013)

by Diana Peterfreund(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 1
Smashwords Edition
review 1: I love Diana Peterfreund, but I had a huge problem with For Darkness Shows the Stars. A prequel is not meant to confuse you. It is meant to give a little backstory, to explain what the first book didn't in more detail. True, reading the book before the prequel helps a bit, but it is not a requirement. I knew the basic background of Across a Star-Swept Sea, but I was so lost in this prequel. More explanation was definitely needed. Still, I can't wait to read Across a Star-Swept Sea!
review 2: This is a short prequel to Diana Peterfreund's 'Across a Star Swept Sea' & introduces us to main character Persis Blake. It also continues the story of The Reduction & this time it's being done to people on purpose. This is a good set up for more social commentary & I hope,
... more more scientific explanation of The Reduction. I'd recommend this one for those who are into the series already & are ready to forge on to the next full length novel in the series. less
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3.5 starsToo short! If it was a bit longer, maybe 50 pages? Then it would get 4 stars.
right now it's free on kindle
Good book.
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