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Savor You (2013)

by Emily Snow(Favorite Author)
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Savor Us
review 1: I can't decide if i really liked this one, or if it was more of just an ok read. It is about the death of a relationship, but also the saving of one and i think the up and down just really got to me and not in a necessarily good way. Maybe i was just not in the right mind frame when reading it so will have to give it another chance at a far later date.Read it in the Bad boys of summer anthology.
review 2: Kylie works and travels with her brothers band. Kylie is in love with Wyatt who is in the band. But what I cannot figure out is why Wyatt and Kylie only get together periodically. Kylie told Wyatt she is in love with him,but what is she waiting for? That's where I'm confused. Not to mention the side story of band members is confusing as well. The story does
... morenot flow. Too much time passes and not a lot gets accomplished. Everyone's lives are at a stand still. Is there some significance as to why Kylie continues to mention she has not changed her last name or removed the tattoo? It's repetitive to keep mentioning it. If it's worth mentioning then state the reason for her inability to do so since it's been seven years. Who does not find time in years to take care of it?Wyatt is quite the mystery man. The author does not give you much to go on. How Wyatt feels for Kylie has not been forthcoming. Still confused even after finishing the book. Could not find the connection or the chemistry in this story. The story focused on too many mini themes. Too many distractions. What was the reason they kept running away from each other to begin with? I never figured that out. I started to get desperate for answers toward the end so I ended up skimming through to the end. Not a good sign when the story does not keep my focus. less
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4,5 stars. Loved it, but, again, I wanted a epilogue.
Better than Lucas' stories.
Well, that was intense...
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