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Five Feet Or Less (2013)

by Erik Schubach(Favorite Author)
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Erik Schubach
Music of the Soul
review 1: Maybe I'm too old for this genre,so take my rating with a pinch of salt. All in all, a very sweet story. I found the repetitive internal ramblings / inner voice overs of the main character rather annoying very quickly - the book could have done with less in my opinion. I did find the general PG-13 language and flow of the story very refreshing (in the sense that there was no graphic description of the physical scenes between the 2 main characters).
review 2: Drakon: Awakening is a joy to read. Funny and action-packed and perilous, with an underlying cozy, sweet love story.Our hero Myra O'Connell speaks in Irish dialect, which is charming rather than annoying (Well done, Erik!). Quinn is the no-nonsense FBI agent we frequently encounter, excellently realized. T
... morehey make a good pair, and the secondary characters are full of life, too.Drakon excels at world-building. The concept is far-fetched, and yet rooted in enough story lore and real world consequences that it feels believable. I am not a fantasy fan, so I blush confessing, but that only adds to the fun.The villain is uncomplicatedly evil, but has a decent enough back story. I confess I had nightmares after finishing. How often does a book do that?I knocked a star off for a strange obsession with boob-size in the text, which admittedly I don't share, and for typos behind incidental. But those are minor quibbles.I will definitely be reading the sequel!I was given this in return for an honest review by Inked Rainbow Reads.C.E.Case less
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Good story i hope he writes a sequel with the same characters.
Love these books couldn't put them down moment picked them up
Love these books couldn't put them down moment picked them up
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