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Dallas (2000)

by Gerard Way(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 5
2756021504 (ISBN13: 9782756021508)
The Umbrella Academy
review 1: This book was even more random and hard to follow than the first one. Again, it was okay. Not terrible but not exactly the best either. The story overall is interesting and left me wanting to read more but in the end I just didn't really love it. There were bits and pieces that stuck out to me, like Hazel and Cha Cha; the murderous time travelers who wore animal masks and loved sweets. They were cool. I guess the Umbrella Academy just isn't a good match for me.
review 2: While I thought the first installment in the series was dark, I truly had no idea how dark this was going to be. There is death and blood EVERYWHERE. And some of the most violent murders are by people with cute little puppy and heads.It was also a slightly frustrating read because this one is h
... moreeavily based on time travel and when you’re reading you’re quickly thrust from one time to another. This is really bothersome until you get to the end and you realize the awesome plan that was executed very nicely.The only thing that has stuck with me as something I didn’t like was this rich boy reference. This guy named Johnny Boy and I can’t figure out what the crap he was doing in the comic! Oh well.Rumor is still my favorite. She even had my favorite quote, “I heard a rumor you were assassinated.” This was in the opening chapter and went along very nicely with the whole theme of the book.Seance is also really growing on me. He gets a chance to visit heaven and meet God. That was the best part of the comic and enough of a reason to go grab a copy. less
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Not as good as the first one but still really great! I am really anxious for the next series!
More fun from the Umbrella Academy gang. Interesting story, and pretty pictures. :)
great story line and plot and i absolutely love the artist
It was enough if gore for me to laugh.
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