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The Twelve-Fingered Boy (2013)

by John Hornor Jacobs(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 1
Lerner Publishing Group
The Incarcerado Trilogy
review 1: I think the book was really good with a lot of adventure and action but I did think the book was kinda confusing with all the big words that they use to desacribe characters and things. My favorite character in the book was jack because he has all these powers that he is just now getting the hang of first he has this explodey thing and now he has telecinesis it is just amazing how the story goes first they start of as kids in jail and now they are like superheros or something. But the sad part was when shreve was hanging on the roof top with a broken arm and jack got seen't away by quincrux but it was good that jack was okay with quincrux. Also with the people that are reading this book you should read it more because it is a really good book with a whole lot of action mys... moretery and adventure.
review 2: The Twelve-Fingered Boy is quite an adventure to read.....it starts off in a juvenile detention center, and then follows the two boys after their escape as they try to escape and evil mastermind using only their own mental powers.....Jacobs has written a great tale of woe & super-powers...it's like a comic book, but without the pictures (and I mean that as a compliment). Fast paced, lots of adventure and an ending that leaves you chomping at the bit to read the sequel....highly recommended. less
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4-5 stars/fast read/great book for boys and super powers/better ones for the yarp list
It was a pretty good book, but I don't know it moved to fast in way too many places.
Ugh. This simply is NOT for me. He's trying way too hard.
A creepy book with a big heart.
fast-paced and chilling.
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