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The Sheikh's Pregnant Bride (2000)

by Leslie North(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 2
The Jawhara Sheikhs
review 1: My feelings on this story:Characters: 3.5I liked Erin a lot. Kamal, not as much. Don't get me wrong. I love alpha men but when one goes to an extreme like Kamal, it becomes a turn-off.Plot: 3I have been in a sheikh/rich man mode as far as the stories I have been reading lately. This one's plot was the same as others which was okay.Flow: 3.5I felt in some places the story felt a little rushed but other than that, I was able to follow the storyline easily.Believability: 3.5There were no elements that threw me out of the story.Sexual Tension: 4There were a couple of moments were the tension was amazing. The rest of the time it was barely there.Romance: 3.5I wanted a little bit more in this area but what was there was decent.Elements-M/F
review 2: What is with the
... moreending it just cuts off, leaving unfinished business. Anyway Kam he's sweet and I liked him, "I'm glad. Show me where your bedroom is. I have a desire to learn the rest of your body." Sometimes he has to clear things up with Erin, "make no mistake. We have a relationship, and the endearment most definitely applies to you." It seems like that's all he does is clear things up and reassure Erin, "Erin stiffened against him, but feeling his hand run down her back, she relaxed and listened. "You belong to me. You are my responsibility, on I take very seriously. When you willingly put yourself in danger, it is a form of disrespect to me and my position. Do you understand?" This book was alright I really didn't like how the ending just cut off. less
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Don't judge me...but ya, I read it and the next two last night...had to know how it turned out!
That...was...really short. What? It was free.. I might get the second one...maybe.
Not good. He's an ass, and she is really dumb. :)
Not a fan
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