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The Stone Man - A Science Fiction Horror Novel (2012)

by Luke Smitherd(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 2
1482643472 (ISBN13: 9781482643473)
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review 1: I liked this quite a bit. This is a strong 3.8 rating for me -- not quite a four which means I really, really liked it and you must read this too but a good story that I think you would enjoy getting caught up in.It is a pretty straightforward story on one level of first contact and what happens as a result. But the unraveling of the two main characters, the concept that no matter what actions are taken there is a consequence that WILL be carried out, one way or other (trying not to give too much away), and human nature at its best, worse and carried out with logic and a complete lack of emotion are what make it a scary story in many ways (especially if you follow the extrapolation of what society could turn into as it tries to cope with the arrival of the Stone Man).Was i... moret the best thing I have ever read? No. Was it a story that captured my attention and made me want to read way past my bedtime. Yes. Was the ending a little bit weak...yeah but I liked it better than the alternate ending that the author includes on the very last page if you are interested in reading it.
review 2: I've read what other reviewers of this book have said and am struggling to find in it what they clearly found. It was well written, the language was good, the premise thrilling and exciting, but the product was disappointing and I struggled to complete it.It never took the turns I was expecting, nothing that would have happened in the real world did happen. They did not pour a few tons of molten steel on the Stone Man to see what would happen, or even wrap it in chains anchored deep into a mountain. They did not test its boundaries and try to contain it, they just gave up and concentrated on finding the targets as a way to stop it. We no longer have the death penalty for murder in the UK, would we really kill innocents to prevent more widespread destruction? No. If a book is going to be set in the real world then keep it real!Perhaps it was the perspective, being written almost entirely in first person by someone meant to be a journalist, I expected more of a story with oomnph and less of the whining self-obsession about feelings and morality.It ended suddenly, I was only at 90% and it was over. I feel cheated when that happens. The thickness of paper remaining (or the percentage on a Kindle) is a promise of more story yet to come, an indication of how late I'm going to be staying up tonight, or how cold this bath water's going to get. Authors and publishers everywhere - please please please don't mislead me or steal those moments from me by padding out my expectations with adverts for other things! I don't want the first chapter of the next book, I want more of this one!!Usually, anyway, but not in this case, I was actually a little bit relieved.Ok that's harsh, it wasn't quite that bad, but I am definitely looking forward to starting a new book now. less
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If you can make it past the 20% mark! it improves. Tends to be a little dense and wordy.
Unique kind of Sci Fi.
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