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Nick And Lilac (2000)

by Marian Tee(Favorite Author)
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review 1: CONTAINS SPOILERSThis was a hard read for me. Lilac has suffered abuse from a boyfriend and has spent her short life trying to move past the feelings of shame and humiliation. When sexy playboy & Greek billionaire Nick Christakos notices her he is immediately intrigued because she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. She is secretly attracted to him because of how nice he is to her, but she is not ready to have any sort of relation ship with a man, especially one who has one-night standed every girl on campus. Nick is not sure what to do with this plain and gorgeous girl, and consequently spends a lot of time strategizing how to be her friend, with the ulterior motive of getting her into his bed as soon as he can. Nick has his own demons and he battles them throughout ... morethe book and Lilac is there to comfort him and accept him. Something he is not able to do for himself. Sadly, Nick wants to bed her, but refuses to love her, but won’t allow anyone else to love her either, including his twin ( you gotta read it to believe it!) He is still in love with his ex. I was rooting for Jason (twin) to win the girl.I love these two complex characters, and the thought that they are so different would they ever have the chance to be happy, alone or together. Marian Tee weaves a tight which leaves you breathless for the next page. A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
review 2: There were some things I hated and other things I loved. First, what I liked: the H was so incredibly OTT jealous, possessive, obsessive, and protective of the h. It is exactly how I like my H!!! Plus, the story was hot. Ok, now what I hated: the descriptions of the daydreams was a horrible idea. It was confusing and completely through off the flow of the scene I was reading. Plus, I didn't like or care for the historical romance so I skipped it whenever it came up. Unfortunately, the historical story runs throughout the entire book. There was a part of the book where the h goes to Briarwood for research and that part of such a waste of time and frankly, boring. I was also disappointed that nothing happened to the guy that hurt Lilac. There was a great plot there and it is shocking that the author use it. Nick had a black belt, I would have loved to see him beat up that guy, like in Park and Violet. I thought the h's horrible wardrobe was dumb, especially considering guys were going crazy for her anyway. I had a HUGE problem with the sex party. The H being intimate with the h while another couple watches was disgusting. It did not make sense considering how strong his feelings were for her. Then helping the other woman "find pleasure" made me furious. Having the h lose her virginity at a sex party was even worse. That whole part of the book almost made me quit. The whole eye talking is utterly ridiculous. You cannot have full conversations with just your eyes. Please stop putting that in your stories!!!!!!! Finally, while I did feel that the book was hot, I would have liked more sex scenes. This author writes good steamy scenes and I would have liked to see more of them. She did a great job with the steam factor in Park and Violet. I want her to keep giving us more sex in her books. less
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Good premise for the story but idk something just won't let me give it 4 stars.
I love Marian Tee and her Greek man.
I thoroughy enjoyed reading this.
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