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The Princess Curse (2011)

by Merrie Haskell(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 2
0062008137 (ISBN13: 9780062008138)
review 1: Writing a review for this book is a bit perplexing as I am unsure exactly how I felt about it. There were parts of it that I absolutely adored and other parts which perplexed me. I think as a whole I would have liked it better in two separate novels, as while it is all one story, there is a definite separation into two parts. Furthermore, I would have liked more in the second part. The last 15 pages were especially good, but it seemed like some of the best parts of the story were about to occur and then didn't because it ended. One of the things that was interesting, yet disconcerting was the intermingling of all kinds of beliefs as if they were all true. For example, God is spoken of in the same sentence as Hades and other pagan deities, and witchcraft is an intermin... moregling of Christian ideologies and pagan rituals. It is probably an accurate portrait of country mentality in a medieval setting, but it was still strange and foreign to me. Overall, I really enjoyed it. My biggest complaint is that while the ending was good it left things open and thus left all sorts of questions which I wanted answered.
review 2: A highly entertaining fantasy romp, weaving together several traditional fairy tales into something not quite any of them. The heroine is inventive, courageous, and determined. The story, while formulaic in parts, is well-told and leaves me looking for a (non-existent) sequel. Although it starts as an obvious retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses, the addition of pieces of other mythology makes for a much richer read. less
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Wish there was a sequel. I want to know the story behind Dragos.
Amazing. Super good for anyone who likes medieval books.
Very Good! Original and creative!
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