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Selbstauslöser (2011)

by Michael Lister(Favorite Author)
3.48 of 5 Votes: 1
345540328X (ISBN13: 9783455403282)
Hoffmann und Campe
review 1: In his entire life, among the thousands of books crime writer Michael Connelly has read, he says only three times has he come across a book that he could truly describe as a "page-turner." And this was one of them. I happen to like Connelly's books, so I decided to give this a try.The plot is a really simple one: A nature photographer happens upon a grisly scene. He has to make it out of the woods alive.And yeah, "Double Exposure" is a pretty gripping read. But there's one serious problem.It's. The. Writing.Especially. One. Trick.Using. Three. Words."Loss. Emptiness. Numbness.""Bounding. Loping. Barrelling.""Calling. Purpose. Zen."Gets. Annoying. Fast.Wish. He'd. Stop.But. No. Luck.If you overlook that literary tic, this will be a great book.Otherwise, you will just have t... moreo grit your teeth and read through.Better make a dentist appointment before you start.
review 2: Double Exposure started out slow for me. It seemed very poetic and I was not sure I would like it. However, once Remington, the main character, finds he has pictures of a murder, it becomes very exciting. The rest of the novella (112 pages) is comprised of the murderer and his colleagues trying to track Remington through a swamp/forest area in southern Florida. While he is trying to escape his pursuers, Remington reflects on his life, his new-found career as a photographer, his estranged wife, his recently deceased father, and his dying mother. I became caught up in the very realistic cat and mouse pursuit and could not put the book down. My anxiety level hit the roof as I worried about who would survive the night. The only parts I really disliked were the eco-comments sprinkled through the beautiful descriptions of the landscape. It detracted from the pure adrenaline pumping excitement of the chase.I highly recommend reading Double Exposure by Michael Lister. less
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I don't really care for the author's style of writing but it was an exciting story with a message.
Good read, slow to start but then a page turner. A lot of action and a little violence.
I liked the story premise, but hated the writing style.
A lot of rambling & not much storyline.
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