A week of failure.

I promised to do an honest blog, one that didn’t just post success and glorified the intermittent fasting diet as so many other blogs that makes it seem like the easiest thing in the world.

Last week was weigh-in and for the first time I had gained weight. 200g to be exact and I know it’s not huge but it threw me. I had stuck to less than 500 calories twice a week and had not eat for at least 16 hours each week day.  I didn’t think I had a weekend that was worse than others but still I gained weight.  I expected to lose weight again, not gaining weight.

It put me in a bad mood and it knocked me off balance.  This week I have failed entirely on 16:8 – I just couldn’t cope with feeling hungry.  Also the calories eat on the Non-Fasting Days have been off the scale, comfort eating I guess.  Then yesterday I failed sticking to 500 calories on the second fasting day.  I was doing ok until I got on the plane and everyone around me was eating – I caved and eat 2/3 of a meal.

I dread to think what this will do when I weigh myself next week. Especially as Mon-Wed I’m in meetings and we have the office xmas party.

Ho-hum – I guess I should expect steady weight gain till the new year now…

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