Book Talk: The Darkest Hour by Caroline Tung Richmond

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Watch my video book talk here, or read the transcript below.

As a trainee in the covert ops, Blaise looks the part of an innocent girl, but is trained to spy, interrogate, and kill, offering undercover help to the French Resistance. She messed up her first big assignment, though, and she is afraid she’ll never become a real agent. Agent or not, everyone is needed in the field immediately. Rumor has it that a top-secret German weapon is almost complete, and one of their own agents has been captured. Blaise and the others prepare for action, here:

“… the truth is that I’m scared for her. Two lone agents against an entire city of Nazis? Those chances aren’t good… and neither are mine, when I think about it. So I focus on my alias instead, sweeping rouge over my cheekbones and painting my lips red. Though I make sure to use a light hand, because makeup is in short supply across France, and it’d look suspicious to wear too much of it.” (p. 64)

Her best disguises, code phrases, and plans will be put to the test in The Darkest Hour, an action-packed novel full of plot twists and suspense.

Book details: Richmond, C.T. (2016). The Darkest Hour. New York, NY: Scholastic. ISBN 9780545801270; hardcover; $17.99.

Annotation: A teenage girl goes undercover on a secret mission to bring down the Nazis in organized France.

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