My Woman Crush // Valeria Lipovetsky

Hi everyone!

You know how sometimes when you’re watching YouTube you get into a whole new world and descover some of the best peeps because of the suggestions?

That’s exactly how I found Valeria Lipovetsky, a Russion YouTuber living in Canada.

Now the reason why I wrote my “Woman Crush” instead of my normal “Fashion Crush” is that this woman has inspired me beyond the fashion inspiration but also in other much deeper ways.

Since I have “discovered” her in the sea of YouTube I have been obsessing over her. Instead of sleeping at night because the school has already started for me I have been watching all her inspirational Self Love series which have also HUGELY influenced my New Years resolutions as well as they have planted questions about my outlook on life and relationships  I have and have had.

Obviously she’s amazing not only in sharing and passing on advice varied from self love, nutrition, workouts to how to look good in photos she is amazing even in the FASHION area.

Thanks to her I am being inspired everyday by her unique and simple fashion choices and her beuty attitude makes me so grateful there’s someone like her on the internet. She’s barely wearing any make-up on and trying to convince her audience to stop thinking they have to cake up tons of make-up to feel attractive and pretty.

I think my summary of how great she is is giving you a little snippet of who she really is and I tottaly reccomend you going to all her links given below so you can see yourself.




Who are obsessing over right now?

Lots of hugs and kisses,

Katerina xxx

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