Past and out!

To what I know, I have always followed one thing. And that does help. It’s my call – if I wish to forgive people and forget the past. But to be in good books of God, sometimes what your suffered and people in it… Should be forgotten. That helps to go ahead.

Human, you need to understand. We have emotions. But sometimes a little empathy and support can bring great change to this current starving civilization, especially for those who believe that they only see black in day light.

Please, this is a humble request. If you are a hope to a new life – don’t dig on the past. Because the person sees you as an angel. Not a co-worker who can’t be fully trusted.

Please, this is a humble request. If you see a man or a women weeping or sad. Do console with a hope that at least that can lighten their soul.

Please, wake up!! It’s high time I see this world going mad for little mistakes. Help them to change and rectify petty errors. Than scolding over and over again. This really helps… With all this can one hope to a new positive change in them.

Help yourselves to be a better human! Where is the common ethics and logical ways of living. Have we forgotten that PAST HAS MADE US DEVELOPE OUR BETTER FUTURES.

Why are we here to blame and poke on things which have gone days – months – years back! Please learn from those mistakes but you sure can make a better today, right?

Do you wish to forgive few things that made you suffer? May be yes coz you wanna move on. May be no, that’s perfectly not right! But that doesn’t stop you from living right!?

Does it? Think logically – you know you can divert the bad to good! Humans should realise this Power in them! We are special. Ain’t we?