Short Tales: The Dead of Winter Part 3

The man took the sweatshirt and did as he was requested. He sat there a moment and collected his thoughts, the fibers blocking out the cold, warmth like a slow drip returning to his body.

“Thirsty?” Eric asked, taking a seat beside him.

“Yeah,” the man replied.

“How did you get out here without a coat?” Eric asked, handing the guy a bottle of water.

“Got in a nasty fight with a swarm of corpses,” the man replied, and then chugged the bottle of water. “Lost my coat, weapons, everything but my life. When I was running I had no idea how cold it was or how cold I was. Just collapsed against this car. Not sure what to do next when you showed up. Thanks again.”

“Sure.” Eric let the cat out of its cage and the animal placed its purring frame on Eric’s lap. He stroked the cat and talked. “Name’s Eric Holt. You got one I could call you?”

“Sorry. Bobby Johnson.”

They shook hands.

“Are we safe out here?” Bobby asked, concerned.

Tune in Thursday 1/18/2018 for Part 4.

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