Silver Silence (Psy-Changeling Trinity #1)

This is the most nerve racking book I have read after Kaleb’s.

From the way the thoughts of Silver ran, to the funny interactions of the characters of the book, and the ultimate sacrifice a bear changeling can do just to let his mate live.

I laugh, I cried, and I rejoiced in each page that I read. The loyalty of the bear clan, their devotion, their laziness, and their fierce love for their clan members, just like the Mercant.

If Aden’s book made me realize that there is a future with the Arrows, then this book surpass it. In spite of implant and the cutting of emotions. Silver was able to love without having repercussion from the feedback.

There is a way for the Psy to break the Silence…all you need is the right person to break it…and trust that person to be strong and love you with a shadow of doubt.

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