Sunrise at Honeysuckle Cove by Mary Manners And Bonus Beyond the Storm

About the Book

Honeysuckle Cove Inn has been in the Brennan family for three generations. When Maggie Brennan’s parents retire, they call her home to Honeysuckle Cove and hand over the reins of the historical inn. If Maggie successfully maintains the business over the course of a year, the inn is hers forever. Maggie considers the timing perfect, with one exception—she finds her path entangled once again with that of Dylan O’Connor.

Dylan has made a name for himself as the go-to guy when it comes to renovations and repairs in Honeysuckle Cove, and he’s waited nearly a decade for high school sweetheart Maggie Brennan to return home. But his handyman skills will be put to the test when it comes to rebuilding the bridge between Maggie’s heart and his, and designing a future…together.

My Review

Mary Manners has written another delightful story in the novella, Sunrise at Honeysuckle Cove.

Maggie Brennan left Honeysuckle Cove for the bright lights of the big cities in California. She left behind her parents, her family’s legacy, Honeysuckle Cove Inn, and most especially Dylan O’Conner.

Imagine Maggie’s consternation when she returns home, after her parents have retired to the sunny Florida beaches, to find Dylan is living in her home at her parent’s request!

A delightful story about small town life and all the quirks found there. One curious theme centers around Maggie’s relatives three generations back, a folklore the city has latched onto wholeheartedly. It is a cute story with just the right measure of suspense and romance.

I enjoyed the backstory of Maggie and Dylan. I felt Maggie’s sadness over her sister, Dylan’s frustration at his sister and his compulsion to care for his nephew, Cam. The new intersecting of Maggie, Dylan and Cam creates an equal amount of tension and resolution.

Mary Manners’ imaginative narrative draws you into the story and holds you to the very end.

Sunrise at Honeysuckle Inn is a pleasing story that was a fun, thoughtful and quick read.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I so enjoyed Mary Manners’ first book in the series of Honeysuckle Cove that I decided to purchase the 2nd in the series, Beyond the Storm.

About the Book

Recreational Therapist Ava Kennedy is in charge of Valentine’s Day festivities for shut-in patients at Honeysuckle Cove Children’s Hospital. When a winter storm threatens to derail planned events and steal the children’s joy, Ava calls on longtime friend and firefighter Nick Jones for rescue. The two have been close, platonic friends since kindergarten, but Ava soon finds her heart whirling like the drifting snowflakes outside her office window.

Nick Jones is skilled at extinguishing fires, so he doesn’t count on kindling a flame with lifelong friend Ava Kennedy. But he’s got a sweet spot for kids and women…especially when one particular woman—Ava—possesses a soft heart and laughter that draws like an electron magnet. Despite Nick’s valiant efforts to resist, he finds himself caught up in the attraction.

Will these friends’ new feelings weather the shifting tempest…or is this simply a passing storm?

My Review

Ava Kennedy, the recreational therapist at Honeysuckle Cove’s Children’s Hospital, is in a quandary. She has worked extensively on a Valentine’s party for the children who are patients at the hospital, only to find there is a major snowstorm on the way.

Nick Jones, her best friend since kindergarten, has always pulled her out of a bind, but does she dare ask him for a favor this big?

I enjoyed reading about other people in Honeysuckle Cove. In addition, we get to reunite with Maggie and Dylan, and the folklore continues, too.

Beyond the Storm is another quick, fun read. Mary Manners does an outstanding job of immersing the reader into the lives and trials of the Honeysuckle Cove residents.

Beyond the Storm is a wonderful book to curl up with in front of the fire, or on a favorite chair, or to enjoy outside on the patio.

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