Tuna Fish Casserole

Remember that love that you once shared with someone with a certain kind of food here, translated…

“Yu saved me a good tuna fish head, after work, why don’t you just come on by, and have some tuna fish casserole.”  Yu was the fish vendor that my mother grew accustomed to, and, tuna fish casserole being one of her best dishes.  Every time my mother texted me using the enticements of great food, I’d know, that she’s, missing us again, along with my dear old dad whom she’d married, forty years ago.

the kind that’s made by westerners, photo from online…

My mom’s a great cook, she’d gotten used to showing her family the love by making the great foods, she’s not just good at making the tuna fish casseroles, but also the seaweed with sea cucumbers, the pork feet noodles.  Actually, the tuna fish casserole was my dad’s favorite, before he’d passed away, he’d often commended my mom to people he knew, that his wife’s cooking skills is comparable to the chefs in the big name restaurants, that she made the tuna fish casseroles so tasty.  On the important occasions, dad would always beg mom to make this dish, and would find the time in his too-busy schedules, to shop for the tuna fish for the casserole with mom, and afterward, my younger sister and I got married, and, the tuna fish casserole which was a definite dish for our New Year’s eve’s gathering, it’d become a symbol of the occasions we get together.

After dad passed on, although mom would go out to dine from time to time with her friends, to take courses at the community colleges, her life was seemingly very fulfilled, but, as she’d returned back home, and faced with the four walls, the emptiness of the house, anybody would feel the loneliness that attacked.  And so, when the texts came from mom on the foods she’d prepared, especially when the words: tuna fish casserole came up, I’d known, that she was missing the time of all of us being together again.

the kind that Asians make, photo from online still…

After work, I’d, made my way with ease back home again, and gathered with my dear old mom, and my younger sister too, and savored that familiar taste that beats out the dishes prepared by all the master chefs.

So, this, is a food, that helps you remember the love you felt for someone, your father, it was, his favorite dish, and your mother cooked it for him often, and now your father passed away, whenever she’d missed him, she’d cook the dish again, and hollered out to you and your younger sister to come home to have some, that, is her way, of coping with the loss of her husband, and keeping his memories intact.




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