Usual Asylum

Kenmore Insane Asylum, Australia

It was founded is 1895 and in it’s heyday in the 1960s accommodate 1,400 patients. Now it was abandoned, with 77 buildings that is now completely empty. They believed that horrible and terrifying things happened in there.  A pneumonic influenza killed 21 patients in 1919. There was also a tragic death happened, Elizabeth Eva Naughton was shot and killed by a former patients named Richard Sindell on December 16, 1922. Sindell was treated at the hospital after World War I and developed a delusional conspiracy about hospital staff, particularly Charles Moffitt. He returned to the grounds with a gun and after shooting Doctor Moffitt, who fled, proceeded to shoot several nurses, killing Nurse Naughton.

Morbid deaths happened in there. According to 9News(2014), In January of 1902, 41-year-old patient Henry George Baily committed suicide at the facility by ripping apart the restraints used to tie him to the bed and turning them into a makeshift noose. He hung himself from a window shutter and was discovered by an attendant. In October, 1929 another patient – Monicha Scott, 32 – slit her own throat by using the glass shards of a broken window.


Facts: Fingernail scratches can still be found on the back doors. Some people believe that the asylum was haunted by some ghost. Spirits who died there roam in the asylum.

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