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Mein Glückliches Leben (2010)

by Rose Lagercrantz(Favorite Author)
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3895652393 (ISBN13: 9783895652394)
review 1: This book is soooo cute!Although "My Happy Life" is a chapter book, the chapters are short and packed full of illustrations. The story is written from the viewpoint of a little girl just starting kindergarten. She lives with her Dad (her mother has passed away) and she likes to count the things that make her happy.The story follows her through the summer with her Dad, waiting with eager anticipation for school to start, then the nervous terror when school finally arrives, followed by her first days at school, making friends, (losing friends), wanting a hamster, (not getting a hamster), really the ups and downs of a child's life.I just loved it. The story makes you laugh and pulls at your heart strings too. When Dani's friend moves away you can just feel the heartbreak. Bu... moret life goes on and best friends don't forget each other. The story ends positively and teaches children that even when their lives don't always go according to plan and bad things happen, it's not the end of all happiness. Days go by, seasons change, and there's always something to rejoice in if we take the time to think about it.The illustrations are absolutely adorable!Highly recommended!*I received a free book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.
review 2: Such a sweet book. Dani has a happy life . . . when she can't fall asleep, she counts the times in her life she has been happy. She's nervous about the start of school, but soon makes a new friend. A best friend. She has a nice relationship with her father; her mother has died. This is handled very directly and matter of factly, not a focal point or big issue - which is refreshing.Then her best friend has to move away. No big huge events in this book -- just the loveliness of everyday life.A great first chapter book -- appealing illustrations, space between the lines of text, of relatively large size -- a nice overall design/feel to this book. less
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Simple story but not much holding it together.
Sweet, easy chapter book. Good for grade 1/2.
Nichole's reviewThat was so good!!!
Sweet story about friendship.
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