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Il Lamento Del Bradipo (2009)

by Sam Savage(Favorite Author)
3.2 of 5 Votes: 5
8806195859 (ISBN13: 9788806195854)
review 1: I was hoping to read something with a narration style between Izzy from The Spellman Files and the third person narration from Friendship by Emily Gould that I could connect with through similar struggles of literary failure and a lack of ambition or a life. In this, The Cry of the Sloth was extremely disappointing. Not only did I find it hard to connect with the main character Andrew Whittaker, but I thought he was a misogynistic, selfish jerk. I didn't feel sympathy for him; I felt downright pity, and as the story progressed I just grew apathetic. The humor was depressingly bad, and instead laughing at Whittaker's spiraling mind I seriously started wondering if he was losing his sanity. Could have been good I think, but the book ultimately failed. One ... morestar.
review 2: This is a wacky wild ride. It's a series of letters written to various people, along with grocery lists and some bits of bad fiction - all written by the main character, Andy, who is seemingly losing his mind. It's an inside look at how aspiring to be a writer may make you insane. It's kind of sad, very funny, and ultimately, what? A cautionary tale? I'm not sure. I was sort of sad at the end. But parts of it are very funny. It is the kind of thing that you might read and think Hey, my life ain't so bad. But I'm not sure if that was the intent. less
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Sensacional. Divertido, inteligente, profundo, trágico.Perfecto.
One of the greatest American novels top 10
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