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Paul's Pursuit (2000)

by S.E. Smith(Favorite Author)
4.3 of 5 Votes: 5
Dragon Lords of Valdier
review 1: SOME SPOILERS - BEWAREThis is not the last book in the Dragon Lords series but it is featuring the Raffvin story arc - yes we finally see this guy have his butt kicked. This story features Paul (Trisha's Dad) and Morian (The Dragon Lords mother). This book was the first in which the true mates aren't fighting each other. It's actually a bit of a shock at first (well for me).Paul does what he does best, train warriors and gets involved in the hunt for Raffvin. It's enjoyable to read about the training and the final take down. I liked that this involved the women also and wasn't just about the men thumping their chest and going on about "protecting mates". We also get to visit all the children and discover what chaos they can cause, which for some, is huge. Characters... more for future stories and series make an appearance and it's just makes you want all the details and now.Overall, another great book in the series.
review 2: The wonderful story that I was expecting. As this is book 6 in the Dragon Lords, reading it was like a visit with old, trusted friends - who can change shape.The hero Paul and heroine Morian are great characters, both strong, confident and mature. Their instant attraction to each other is something that we readers have hoped from since Paul's daughter's book, Tracking Trisha. SE weaves a story that answers some of the questions that have come from previous books but also gives us readers new ones. We also briefly see some of the characters that will be gracing further stories in this universe - Calo, Cree, Ha'ven, Pehr, Blaze. Justice occurs for Trisha and yes, more is revealed about one of the villains of the series. Fans of the Dragon Lords of Valdier series won't be disappointed, this book is everything we've come to expect from a SE Smith story. Those new to SE's world would probably enjoy this story, although much of the focus is on multiple characters from previous books as well as Paul & Morian. Already looking forward to Cree and Calo's book as well as others in the works. cross-posted amazon, goodreads, shelfari less
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A little OTT in places, but most of the males from this series are, gotta love 'em!
Fab story. Great to catch up with all the other characters too.
Love it could not put it down.
love this series!
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