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Beach Lane (2011)

by Sherryl Woods(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 2
0778329895 (ISBN13: 9780778329893)
Chesapeake Shores
review 1: Susie and Mack have been friends for a long time and both are into e with the other. They finally decide to be honest with each other about how they feel . right when Susie is diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. They immediately marry and family e difficulties. Neither has been entirely honest with each other and drama ensues. The O'Brien family rallies around them as the await news o. Music's prognosis. A nice read for a cold dreary day.
review 2: I enjoyed some of the characters Ms. Woods created in this series; however, because there were so many characters, I never felt very close to any one of them. There is much interference from the O'Brien relatives that at some points it annoyed me. If my parents, brothers, sisters, had asked about my sex life or personal
... morerelationships as often as this family did, I'd go insane.Mack and Susie are adults, but at times it felt as if they were teens being watched over by a group of well intentioned relatives and friends. I found it too claustrophobic. Reading about a family that became so intertwined in their relative's personal business that they threatened to beat up or handle the relative's significant other felt condescending and invasive.I felt it was quite dreary with Susie's illness being a huge focus of the book. The intimate scenes were brief and fleeting. The romance was short and cut off by more serious issues. And with all the friends and family members taking up space in the book, I didn't really attach myself to the family or the romantic leads.It just didn't work for me, I guess. We all have our own styles of writing we prefer to read and this storyline just didn't work for me.The story felt like a roller coaster ride where you see a hill coming, hoping it might get your pulse pumping, but soon find the hill was just a bump and the bump flattens out. You get off feeling cheated...especially if you got on thinking it was going to be a grown-up roller coaster ride with peaks and valleys that would take your breath away. This felt flat to me and I don't intend on buying any others in the series. I live near the Chesapeake Bay and so I thought this would be an interesting read, but I much preferred Nora Roberts' Chesapeake Blue series. less
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Another gr8 story n the Ô'Brian Saga. Béatitudes story.
Enjoyed this series and so sorry to see it end
Eh. OK. Just not great writing.
loved it
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