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Roc Escribe Una Historia (2013)

by Tad Hills(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 3
8426140017 (ISBN13: 9788426140012)
review 1: "Rocket loved books."..."Rocket even liked the way books smelled. When he opened a new book, it smelled like a place he'd never been to, like a friend he'd never met."..."Rocket loved words, too."Rocket and I have a lot in common. :) This medium-length children's book was a fun read that children, especially those learning to read and write, will find enjoyable and relatable to read. Rocket's sweet, kindly personality in itself makes the story a joy to read, as does the storyline.
review 2: "Rocket Writes a Story" is about a puppy who is learning how to read. With the help of a small, yellow bird Rocket learns to look for small details he never would have noticed before. Rocket sets out on a journey looking for inspiration to write a story. He meets a baby
... more owl who becomes his friend.This is a great story to have in a classroom library. Rocket teaches us to look for things that inspire us. In this case, the baby owl inspires Rocket and they become friends. This would be a good read aloud in the classroom. less
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Good book for teaching young kids how to go about writing a story and the process of brainstorming.
The drawings were adorable but the story was too weak and random.
I love the Rocket books.....I say no more.
Best for how to collect words for writing
We love everything by Tad Hills.
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