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The Drops Of God 1 (2011)

by Tadashi Agi(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 5
1935654276 (ISBN13: 9781935654278)
The Drops of God
review 1: sangat jarang ditemui komik berkonsepkan bisnis usaha seperti the drops of god ini,biasanya komok bertemakan seperti itu akan membosankan&susah disimak ceritanya.the drops of god bagiku menarik sekali apalagi ini mengenai wine government yang dianggap lux,expensive&prestise dikalangan kaum elite.mungkin agak sedikit hedonis,readers.dimana kanzaki sipewaris wine product milik keluarganya bersaing dengan issei,kompetitornya untuk meraih gelar"the best of the best"dari para ahlinya wine.yang menarik ,mereka juga harus berupaya keras untuk menggabungkan 13 unsur wine terbaik hingga terciptalah the drops of god dimana siapapun yang meminumnya mengalami euforia mulia bagai tuhan dalam tiap tetesnya!jika the drops of god tidak menarik minatmu,maka sangat tidak ku rekomendasikan m... moreembacanya,readers!:)
review 2: This is supposedly one of a few manga mega-hits in Japan, this one about the world of wine... and it is part educational about the best of the best French wines and makes it look like these people are obsessed with ultra expensive, rare wines, especially French and all things French... a kind of wanna be book for High Culture, a sort of class envy project... where two wine geniuses compete (in the first volume, anyway) and are both gorgeous and women and girls everywhere just lust afer them because they are so sophisticated and poetic and knowledgeable... (we see frames of girls emitting little throbbing hearts whenever they say hip, cool, insider things about wine that is absolutely inaccessible to 99 % of the population... which is the point of this sort of work, in part, from Beverly Hillbillies to The Bling girls, envious of fame and fortune.... One of these guys, our hero, whose father was a famous wine guy, had never tasted wine but his father had prepared him for wine expertise but having him taste stuff.. and when he does taste with, finally, he is this intuitive, poetic guy, gorgeous, the girls fall at his feet... so why did I even give this three stars? Oh, I read it and liked it in spite of its pretentiousness... and I guess I have in my life bought into that "ooh, the best Scotch" or wine or whatever, though not THAT much... and I guess I kind of found the phenomenon fascinating... and the boy (our hero) may just be more than he appears... less
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Outta sight. Manga meets wine appreciation. Helluva story to boot.
This was a decent manga, but it's really not my thing.
Reminds me a lot of bartender
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