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The Drops Of God 2 (2011)

by Tadashi Agi(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 4
1935654292 (ISBN13: 9781935654292)
Vertical, Incorporated
The Drops of God
review 1: I don't know why I keep reading this stuff, as it annoys me more often as it pleases me. I just really wanted to sample it and see what the manic following is all about in Japan, and why even here so many people like it. The idea is that two wine experts (male) are pitted against each other, one technically sound and the other poetic, instinctive, narrative, and they both educate you about wine (privileging French wine and French culture over others in a kind of culture-envious way...) and entertain--as in, who is better, who is going to identify the twelve wines (plus The Drops of God wine) and win the contest and get the bevy of girls that lust after them not just because they are cute but because they KNOW wine and oh, so sophisticated about wines only the very rich can... more sip... But if you want to educate yourself about wine and food matching and wine aesthetics and culture, I guess this is a pretty harmless and fun way to do it.... Maybe more fun for you than me...
review 2: Reminded me of the second episode of a network show that had a really good pilot, but then essentially repeats its premise for the next few episodes before really getting into a groove. So yeah this is still a very enjoyable manga about wine, but some of the bloom came off as I noticed that there are no less than 3 slightly mysterious women hanging around in grand soap operaish style, and that the authors clearly are offering a very narrow view as wine as the characters expound on french wine almost exclusively. It also started to feel like a shonen manga in that the overarching plot after two thick volumes hasn't really moved forward at all, and characters once introduced in their mini story arcs don't really contribute anything further to the narrative. It is still very fun though, anytime the main character with his super palate tastes a wine that mentally transports him to an exotic place or situation I felt a little thrill that I get the same thrill as when Batman beats someone up. So i can only hope in future volumes the characters become more rounded or complex, or that the authors fully embrace being totally ridiculous. less
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Still my favorite current manga. A wine lovers delight!
thank you, victoria public library!
See my review on Vol. 1
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