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Ignition City Volume 1 (2006)

by Warren Ellis(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 3
1592910874 (ISBN13: 9781592910878)
Avatar Press
review 1: Think back to all those pulp WWII paintings of smiling girls on the sides of airplanes. Now create an alternate timeline where we went into space, fought worlds on other planets, and met new alien races. Now make those smiling girls into just one badass space chick who has flown around the Universe, but is pulled back to a Casablanca-esque space port to investigate the death of her father. That, my friends, is Ignition City.
review 2: In this dieselpunk/alternative history comic book, washed up, space heroes live in Ignition City, a rough and rowdy settlement cut off from civilization on Earth’s last spaceport. Ignition City has a strong woman for the main character, Mary Raven, a space pilot and daughter of the famous spaceman, who stopped a Martian missi
... morele plot. She heads to the spaceport to discover how her father died and who killed him. It has colorful language and a Wild West tone. There are aliens, ray guns, and the marshal flies around in a rocketeer type outfit. It’s a fun, action packed read. less
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Amazingly fun book. I bought a dozen copies to give away to friends....
This was awesome and I really wish there was a sequel.
im re-reading these not that i have all 5 issues..
This is an excellent piece of diesel punk.
worked quite well. Enjoyable read
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